Workers, Employees or ‘Other’? The debate rumbles on…

Written by Victoria | Published: Wednesday, 11 October 2017 08:28

We are already aware of the debates relating to Uber, Macdonalds, Deliveroo and more recently, the Ryanair Pilots. The independent report, Good work: the Taylor review of modern working practices stresses the need for all work in the UK economy to be “fair and decent” and the Government has promised to take the recommendations contained within the report seriously.

A new case of a Foster Carer filing an Employment Tribunal claim for unpaid holiday pay has hit the headlines, which could result in a landmark case potentially leading to hundreds of foster carers having their employment rights recognised.

Currently Foster Carers are recognised neither as ‘workers’ or ‘employees’, yet they undertake a vital role that is often extremely challenging, pressurised and with a 24 hour on call arrangement.  They are also highly trained professionals subject to regular scrutiny by the bodies they are carrying out services for.  Yet this role lends itself to those wishing to undertake it as a vocation, a role undertaken by truly remarkable individuals.  Of course they receive remuneration and a whole fortnight of respite per year.  Otherwise the rights that other employees take for granted are not afforded to Foster Carers.


I will be watching this case closely and will update on the outcome.

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