If only the employer / employee relationship was as simple as just hiring people to do a job.

In reality, businesses need to have their finger on the whole HR pulse, from hiring staff and producing up-to-date employee handbooks and contracts, to effectively handling grievances or the regrettable need to downsize a workforce.

Being HR compliant is crucial for any business. Yet more than that, a solid HR strategy can also mean the difference between a happy, productive workforce and a disengaged, underperforming one.

Let Leighely HR take the pressure off by managing all aspects of the employment relationship for you and your business.


Employment contracts, policies, handbooks and appraisal systems

If you’re unsure about employment rights, what should be included in your contracts, or need a staff appraisal system devising, do get in touch. From reviewing your current HR policies to drafting an entirely new portfolio of HR documents, you can count on us.

Team management coaching

Maybe you’re looking to boost team productivity? Or perhaps you have some people issues within the team, which is having a detrimental impact on the wider workforce? Our team can advise on a range of people management skills and implement programmes to put your workforce firmly back on track.

Recruitment and resourcing

Our consultants are well versed in full project management of recruitment solutions. Our proven track record spans both National & International resourcing including recruitment for highly skilled roles and ‘hard to fill’ posts. Our additional services in this area also encompass social media management and marketing campaigns to support recruitment drives.

Employee relations

Our portfolio of employee relations casework covers the whole spectrum. From providing counsel on managing grievances, disciplinary and bullying and harassment cases to successful handling of tribunals, performance and complex absence management, our track record is unsurpassed.

Complex operational change

The need for complex organisational change is often one of the most stressful and headache inducing areas of HR for directors and business owners. From having to downsize the workforce (redundancy), or completely transform job roles mixing existing knowledge and skills, careful planning and consideration of the impact on the workforce is key.

For example there may be a need to consult in order to relieve an individual of their role (dismissal), to obtain skill mix via ring fenced competitive assessment, or to downgrade a role.

Ensuring this is conducted fairly and sensitively is crucial. Leighely HR can advise you on handling all elements of the process or we can manage the entire organisational change for you from start to finish. Either way, you’re in safe hands.

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